The Trail || An e-commerce storytelling experience

The Trail was a the final entrepreneurship project done in IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

It was praised by Saffron Branding Consultancy and awarded runner-up in best final project of the year.


An interview with a close contact, artist and creator Maxo Rennella, was the start of this project. The conversation shed light on the inconsistency between the online buying experience, and the experience of doing offline purchases. More thought and effort was put into defining this problem, and this lead to the following statement: there is a shortage in the online buying process, namely it lacks the emotional experience essential to the value of creative products. To fill this gap, the project aimed to create a more emotional online buying experience to eventually add more value to creative products.

The final concept was a platform, which intended to reinvigorate the way people consume online through an e-commerce storytelling experience. Products are not sold as products, but as the story of their creator. While respecting the benefits of online purchases (ease and practicality), the platform will add a unique user-experience by utilizing digital tools to all their benefits. By linking artist profiles with live-stream video, the user has the possibility to uniquely interact with creators, their products and the context in which it was produced.

Read the full project document here, and see the final presentation here.

User Experience


gif1 gif2 gif3 gif4

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