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My mind works creatively. I think in metaphors and images. I am addicted to a constant influx of information and inspiration, extracted out of every aspect of life. I am a true child of my generation. Constantly on the move, digitally native and thinking in disruption.

My international upbringing has exposed me to various cultures, languages and people. As a result I believe in a globalised lifestyle, where the world is easier to encompass and time and distance are relevant. Think globally and act locally: with local actions and the right mindset we can foster change, and that is what I strive for in my professional career.

My degree in Art History has given me an academic background, and has additionally taught me how to express myself and concepts in words, but most of all it has fuelled my passion for writing. I finalised my education with a masters degree Visual and Digital Media at IE Business School. This intensive program bridges the gap between creativity, academics and business.

My experience lies in the field of digital and media start-ups. Designing and creating media strategies, copywriting, content creation, storytelling and branding.